Bolin Bolon Kids Balance Board Seasaw Beam Bridge Multifunctional Wooden Colourful Board 85cm


Hello there, I’m your new friend~

I’m made of 11 layers of wood, way much strong than other balance boards in the market.

I’ve passed safety tests of AS standards.

The load-bearing capacity of up to 100 kg.

I have two sides, the inner side is a smooth wood surface, the outer side is covered with felt, so when you play with me on the floor, it won’t scratch the ground.

Size: 85Lx30W(cm)

You can use me as a balance board or a little table. I’m all yours, come and play with me…

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                                    Bolin Bolon is a children’s designer brand,

                                    We hope every family will be satisfied with our safe and high-quality products.

                                    We also believe that the original and natural design can encourage children and their parent

                                     to explore the world around them.




                        Step on the smart board

                        Discover the magical balance

                                     Balance is an extremely important part of sensory integration training.

                                     it can improve the child’s balance and promote the coordination of various sensory organs.




                           A little playful, a little lively.

                           Bolin Bolon smart board gives you more colours, colours, colours



                         Open your arms, open your legs,

                         and train your body to balance on the smart board.

                                      Maintaining balance during swinging can give more stimulation to the sense of balance



                        Your smart board, your way to play it.

                                    A seesaw, dining table, little bridge, car track, mum’s fitness board, it could be anything you want it to be!                                   


                             Made of 11 layers of eucalyptus wood board

                                      with a load-bearing capacity of up to 100 kg, even daddy can play it too!




                         Why did we choose a multilayer board?

                                      Multilayer boards are laid in a crisscross pattern and pressed under high temperature and high pressure.

                                      The special process brings stability beyond solid wood,

                                      ensuring that the product will not be deformed in long-term use and will not break under pressure.




                         The surface is covered with

                         PU environmentally friendly paint that

                                      can effectively block wood thorns, safe and odourless, and 100% friendly to our children.




                        Delicate felt, better protection for the floor.

                                     The bottom of the smart board is attached with delicate felt,

                                     which can avoid scratching the floor when playing and is more resistant to dirt.

                                     We also recommend that you use it on carpets or mats to protect smart boards and reduce noise.




                        No sharp corners, no burrs

                                    The edges and corners of the smart board are polished by hand,

                                    and the rounded chamfer allows children to touch and play without injuries from sharp corners.




                        Complies with both EU and AU standards

                                    According to the requirements of the national toy safety standards, this product has passed

                                    Australian/New Zealand standard on safety of toys AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2019



Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 91 × 26 × 37 cm


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