Bolin Bolon Kids Drawing House Wooden Easel White Board Black Board Sketch Paper 74Lx67Hx46W(cm)


Welcome to Bolin Bolon! This multifunctional wooden drawing house has four sides of drawing boards, which allow kids to explore drawing in different ways. With this drawing house, kids can draw and play at the same time, it will be their little house and little world.

  1. Blackboard (magnetic)
  2. Whiteboard(magnetic)
  3. Sketch paper (11 sheets, replaceable)
  4. Storage space
  5. washable memory foam cushion x2

Dimension Size : 74Lx67Hx46W(cm)

Passed safety tests of AS standards

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                         Bolin Bolon’s drawing house,

                         space for children to paint and express themselves freely.




                          A total game-changer,  it’s NOT just about painting or drawing anymore!

                                       Kids can do graffiti, play peekaboo, learn numbers or letters, or even play soccer with daddy!



                        Free choice of 3 drawing boards,

                        multiple graffiti experiences at one time!



                         Drawing on the paper side

                                      Crayons, colour pens, paintbrushes, and your own hands!




                        Blackboard side

                                     magnetic blackboard, suit with chalks or liquid chalk, easy to clean with eraser or a wet towel




                        Whiteboard side

                                     magnetic whiteboard, suit with all whiteboard pens, easy to clean with a wet towel




                        Sit down and enjoy your time with the kids

                        Enjoy the time of close accompany




                        Observe and imitate

                                    Sit down and sketch! Children have keen observation skills.

                                    Through painting, they explore ways of depicting things, and gradually enrich their visual experience.




                         Parent-children classroom

                                      Learn to write, recognize graphics, learning while playing!




                        No more Pads, no more bowing head,

                        With Bolin Bolon drawing house,

                        children can draw and play just at a comfortable angle.




                        It could also become kids little secret space,

                                     to hide-and-seek, to play with toys, to read, and of course, to paint!




                        The drawing house contains 2 memory foam cushions

                         so that kids won’t feel tired even after sitting for a long time.

                                    The outer cover of the seat is washable for you to clean at any time.




                        180g sketch paper, thick, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant,

                        Suitable for children to do graffiti and can be kept for a long time

                                    *the sketch paper is replaceable, can be purchased from the store.




                       Matching eraser and towel

                       Clean up is fun

                                  Contains a magnetic eraser and towel, which is convenient for children to clean up by themselves.




                        Easily transformed into a storage room

                        Great storage of painting tools and toys, clean up the room in seconds




                       Beech wood, a much better experience

                                  Plastic easels have poor texture and are easy to break.

                                  Beech wood has many advantages, such as sturdiness, durability, fine touch, and resistance to deformation.

                                  The surface is covered with environmentally friendly paint for easy care and cleaning.




                       Round frame corners drill in and out,

                       without fear of bumps

                                   We added rounded corner protectors to the four corners of the drawing house,

                                   this is to reduce corner collisions.

                                   The surface is covered with water-based paint, which is smooth to the touch.



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