Bolin Bolon Little Island Toddler Bed Children Bed Wood Bed Frame Height Adjustable 164Lx84W(cm)


A sweet little island designed our little ones~ Let them sleep in a warm and safe little world.

This bed is designed for kids from 3 to 14 years old. The designer wants to create a bed that gives kids safety and warmth, just like they are with mummy. Then the little island has come out.

Material: Solid birch bed boards plus top-quality German imported beech wood bed legs, environmentally friendly water-based paint.

Bed rail boards are removable.

Height adjustable

Size: 165Lx85Wx37H(cm) lower level

165Lx85Wx42H(cm) higher level

This bed has passed the tests of AS standards test(BS8509:2008+A1:2001) for junior beds.

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                                   Bolin Bolon is a children’s designer brand.

                                   We hope that through safe and high-quality products, every family can have a comfortable life.

                                   We also believe that with sincere and natural design, we can make children and parents better feel

                                   the fun of life and nature




                        A bed designed with love and warmth

                                    feel like being embraced at night when sleep alone, no more fear and tear.




                       The curved design of the bed

                       makes children feel being hugged when they lie down




                       Bent wood hot pressing techniques,

                       beautiful bed body, more stable and durable

                                   giving children a safe and long-term company.




                       From the first night of sleeping in separate beds

                       to every night of independent sleep,

                       the sense of security is always there

                                   The “small island” is a place where children can adjust their emotions and comfort themselves.




                       Two sides bed rails, removable based on needs of different age.

                       1 side panel

                       Connect with big bed

                                   3-5 years old, 95-110cm tall

                                   Install the sideboard on one side of the bed to join with the big bed.

                                   Accompany your child through the adaptation period of sleeping in a separate bed.




                       2 side panels

                       “Guardrail bed” for sleeping in separate rooms

                                   5-8 years old, 110-130cm tall

                                   install side panels on both sides of the bed to prevent

                                   the child from turning over and falling off the bed.




                        Remove the side panel

                        A separate child bed

                                    8-10 years old+, height 130-150cm

                                    remove the side panel of the bed to form an independent small bed.




                       Solid wood multilayer board,

                       bringing stability beyond solid wood

                                   The bed board of the island is made of 15 layers of solid wood panels, which brings stability beyond solid wood




                       Poplar multi-layer board bed,

                       more durable

                                   The bed is made of 15 layers of wooden boards, which are stable in structure and not easily deformed.




                       3 large birch bed boards, strong load-bearing.

                                   The bed board is made of 15 layers of birch planks,

                                   with a single point load of up to 100kg, which can comfortably support the growth of children.




                       Solid wood bed legs with strong support,

                       black walnut texture, just beautiful.

                                   German imported A-grade beech solid wood bed legs, strong support,

                                    surface coverage with walnut grain paint, excellent texture.




                       Water-based wood wax oil painting,

                       child-friendly, and earth-friendly




                       Exceeding the European E0 formaldehyde content standard,

                       so that you and your children can use it with no concerns.




                       Matched with island’s exclusive mattress

                       to make the hug more comfortable

                                   *available in a sperate link




                       2 levels of adjustable heights,

                       which make splicing to a large bed more flexible

                                   Associated with the big bed, the height of the bed frame can be flexibly selected according to the height of the

                                   bed surface from the ground.

                                   Low level, the height of the top edge of the mattress is about 370mm

                                   High level, the height of the top edge of the mattress is about 420mm




                       The child’s favorite pedal,

                       step on it and jump on the bed!

                                   The small pedal gives the child a sense of ritual of “going to bed”.



Weight 43 kg
Dimensions 131 × 92.5 × 29.5 cm


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