Bolin Bolon Little Island Toddler Bed Breathable Bird-Nesting Mattress 160Lx80Wx10H(cm)


Fall into the little island and have a good sleep…

Exclusive mattress for little island bed, feel like being hugged while sleeping.

* From Mitsubishi Corporation

* Combined with Taiwan MIT spinning technology

* Silk-like structure woven in water

* Medical care industry application

This mattress has passed the safety standards EN16890:2017



                       Fall into the island and have a good night sleep

                       Little island children’s bed




                        Exclusive mattress for island bed,

                            made with Japanese Mitsubishi technology, Taiwan POE (Polyolefin Elastomaer) material, plus Belgian

                                    Bekaert air layer jacquard technology fabric




                       Mattress “black technology”

                       makes children sleep better and healthier




                       Material innovation, equivalent to 10,000+ independent springs,

                       fully supporting the growing body of children.




                       Permeable and breathable layered with 90% air

                                   Children have a strong metabolism and sweat easily when sleeping.

                                   The fibre structure is porous and is layered with 90%, as if the entire mattress is “empty”

                                    — let air circulate freely and keep the skin refreshed at all times.




                       Washable, quick-drying

                                    the inner core of the mattress can be washed in clean water below 60 degrees, dry naturally

                                    in a short period of time.




                       “Bird’s Nest” structure,

                        so you can farewell damp heat, rashes, bacteria and mites.




                            Each layer allows children to sleep better




                       From the inside to the outside, layer by layer is breathable




                       Double zipper, easy to remove and wash

                                   no need to worry about the mattress getting dirty anymore.




                       Constant-width quilting, smoother bed surface, better sleep

                                   We have added a constant-width quilting design to the mattress cover to avoid flow shrinkage

                                   and uneven mattress thickness after long-term use.



Weight 12.6 kg
Dimensions 162 × 82 × 13 cm


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